Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Interesting Stuff Happened To Me In Town

Today my wife and I made a trip down to the town center, hoping to pick up a rental dvd or two, as well as doing our grocery shopping since our fridge was beginning to empty itself out after two weeks. We also planned to get the ingredients for the lobster pasta we wanted to pamper ourselves with tonight, and were hopeful that the supermarket would have some fresh lobsters for purchase. What we never expected was to have found a little dog that seemed to be lost, and then spending a good hour trying to find its owner. Now I have never been good with dogs, and do not really enjoy spending time around them, but this little pup must have found something on me that reminded it of its owner, and decided to follow me around the minute I set foot in the town center. We had no other choice but to try and look for its owner, and went around the area asking around if anyone had lost their dog. Like I just mentioned, it took us around an hour and we finally found the lady who had not tied the dog up tight enough and it just managed to give her the slip. Now what the dog might have found on me to remind it of its owner is beyond me.

We then proceeded to the supermarket and the first thing we tried to do was to check on the lobsters. Unfortunately they had no more available for the day and we were joking that everybody must have wanted to have lobster pasta today, the same day that we decided to have them. The supermarket staff tried to turn our attention to the king crabs instead but we did not really have the craving for them as much as a freshly boiled lobster so we decided to pass on that. We did, however, choose to pack a bag of fresh mussels and some cod, which would still allow us to have some semblance of a seafood pasta, with the mussels thrown in together and the cod lightly baked on the side. Now I must add now that my wife and I are crazy about seafood, and despite that, bless God that we do not have any high cholesterol. It must be the exercise we get tending to our garden. Next, we went through the shelves picking up stuff to stock up our fridge, such as the daily necessities like cheese, milk, more pasta, bread, jams, etc. What we had problems with was that we noticed the prices of some staples had risen and remembering the recent news on the global economy and food shortage, we started talking about how prices could become too high and unmanageable.

Then I started to wonder if I really had retired with enough money to last the rest of our twilight years. I had spent some time in my youth considering inflation and making sure my investments would take into account that so that my savings and chest of gold would still have enough to handle that. After some thinking, I reasoned that as long as we made sure we stuck to our budgets and adjusted accordingly, things should be safe and we should still have an enjoyable retirement even if the economy were to experience any negative fallouts. After paying for our purchases, we proceeded to the dvd rental shop and picked out a couple of movies. Maybe I will talk more about what we saw in the future, I am not that great at movie reviews and writing them out on the computer for maybe everyone to see is not something I am so comfortable with right now, but I will try. I enjoy watching movies more than talking about them, but I guess I could still find some time to try my hand at being a movie critic. With nothing left on our things to do in the town center, we then made our way back home and while my wife is preparing our dinner of seafood pasta of mussels and cod, I am just trying to spend my waiting time writing this. I'm thinking about the dog now.

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