Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Your Thumb Cut

Ouch! One minor slip landed me in a major fix two days ago as I accidentally cut my thumb while in the garden and that put me out for the last couple of days. It is much better now but I am limited to light activity like typing this online diary and even then my wife is not too happy about it. She wants me to just rest the thumb and put my leg up just watching TV the whole day but you know one cannot really do that the whole day. It si also not healthy to just sit around doing nothing and engage in sedentary activities all the time so I thought it would be good to make sure I at least work some blood circulation in my body. Typing this is not too difficult although there is still some slight pain, but it keeps my fingers active and also my mind too. She will have to accept that her husband will be stubborn sometimes and afterall it is just a cut and little swelling nothing to be too concerned about. There is no infection owing to her putting on some antiseptic quickly although initially it bled quite a bit but the doctor said the cut was not too deep and it was purely a cut to the flesh, no injury to the finger bone thankfully. I did not feel too much pain to be honest but it could be due to my high pain tolerance.

It was also fun sitting in the car on the way to the doc's as my wife drove us there. She does not drive very often, quite rarely in fact, and under all that panic and concern she had over my cut thumb, she drove the car in a state of panic as well. Looking all flustered and... cute. It was also raining and it made the whole joruney quite an experience if you ask me. She was screaming and cursing at other drivers and believe me you she very rarely opens her mouth to engage in harsh language. I had quite a nice time laughing about it and it kind of took my mind off the pain, which I am very thankful to her for as well, on top of driving me around. I could have done it myself but she would not allow me to do so. I thought my cut was not that serious at all but you know my wife loves me so much, she gets really worried with anything that happens to me physically. Even when it is a little cold, she would get really worried and fuss over me. I cannot deny that it is a really nice feeling and has more to do with ego than anything else, but it also makes me love her even more, because I know she loves me that much.

Since the cut, I have not yet returned to my garden but it can wait I guess. I have just been reading more and sleeping a little bit more as well. I do not watch TV or movies the whole day because it is not good for the eyes, and have not been able to step into the kitchen since it would mess up the little bandage around the thumb. I guess you could say I am having a nice little break during my retirement. The latest books I have read include some translated Japanese novels which are from the mystery and thriller genre. They have been really interesting and perhaps I will try to write a short review in the future if I do not get too lazy after this very minor injury that I have gotten. I also some interesting TV shows that have got me thinking about the state of politics in our country recently but to be honest, as long as whoever gets elected as our next President does something good for our economy, that would be enough for me. I know there are amny people who are not doing that well nowadays and could do with some changes to the economy but they also have to work harder and save more. It is always good to think long term and not always trying to look for that quick short cut and gain that would be nice in the short term but in the long run never benefits anyone.

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