Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Going Back To The Library

Since I have been catching up on my reading, I decided to make more regular trips to the library in order to get the same books without paying for them. It is always great to own the books but they take up a lot of space once they start piling up, and also the money might come in handy in other areas especially since I am retired now. The great thing about the library is the selection, especially the old titles, and you can always make use of the library's system to place reservations for books that you want but are currently not available since they have been borrowed by someone else. It is great for someone my age to be able to enjoy the kind of technological advances in the current generation and this has made my reading life so much better. I get to read anything and all the different types of books I did not have the time for when I was younger and working. I would say I average about five to seven books a week, on top of the newspapers and magazines that also occupy my days. I read quite fast for someone my age, and my eyesight has always been good. It is quite surprising to find someone like me who reads so much yet does not need any eyeglasses.

I also watch a lot of TV and movies, so it is even more amazing that my eyesight has not been negatively affected by and large. Maybe it is because I make sure I sit a safe distance from the TV and the radiation does not harm my eyes so readily. I also make sure I read under a good light and actually do a bit of eye exercises in the morning, look out into my garden and just twirling my eyes while looking at the greenery. I read many many years ago that it helps to keep the eyes in good shape and so far that routine seems to work for me. It might sound a bit funny with some old fogey staring out into the garden twirling his eyes and a passerby might think I must have gone senile. But for good healthy eyes I do not mind being thought of as crazy. The wine that we drink daily might also help in good blood circulation which can be bring benefits for the eyes, but I still believe that making sure I use them in the right conditions have helped for the most part.

My wife will also be joining me on the next trip to the library, as she has been won over by my promotion of the benefits of borrowing from the library instead of buying. She could perhaps get even more cookbooks without having to spend any money buying them. Since we both love to cook, that would be a great way of indulging in our hobby while not spending on anything other than the food itself. We can also learn more about other types of food without having to spend on cooking classes. It is much like watching those cooking shows on TV where they show you the recipes and some of them feature non American dishes which we are always keen to try. I can also borrow some books on topics which I would not spend money on, but since the library offers so much variety, it allows me to find out, learn and read more. It is something I have missed out when younger, and now it is like a treasure chest of knowledge for me.

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