Saturday, May 10, 2008

Having Hobbies At My Age

As you might know by now, I am over 50 and a retiree, and am not that outgoing, spending most of my time at home or in my garden, which is still considered indoors to me. This might be a problem for most people my age or older, as it can really get quite lonely at times when you are old and have no children like we do. What I do to make sure my brain remains alert and working, as well as occupying my time, is to catch up on all the hobbies I love but never quite had the time for when I was younger, due to work and other commitments in trying to ensure my wife and I would enjoy a good retirement. My hobbies are mostly simple things which do not require much money and can be enjoyed with my wife as well. I have the good fortune of having a wife that also delights in spending time on the same activities, and it probably explains why we are still together and love each other so much even at this age, when many couples might actually find their partnership dull and boring. We both love to read, watch TV and movies, and enjoy each other's company tremendously. Making a simple trip to the town center for our groceries are very enjoyable in its own right, and it could be said that we are husband and wife, but also best of friends.

As I said, I love to read and fix my eyes on the TV as well. I also enjoy spending a nice afternoon in my garden and doing basic gardening chores. Sometimes I help out my wife with cleaning the house, and one thing I did not realize is that we both also love to cook, so our time in the kitchen is always filled with laughter and delight at preparing our meals. It also goes without saying that we enjoy eating, so sometimes we try our hands at preparing new dishes and test them on ourselves or any friends who come over for a visit. I think it is good for a couple to do things together at home, as it really helps to develop the bond between the two individuals and make them grow together as a pair. That has always been how my wife and I grew together. Even simple and seemingly boring stuff like playing Scrabble together also helps in one way or another. We have always been good natured, but doing things together has also helped to improve us in that aspect. We rarely fight or quarrel, and most times when we do, they are resolved within minutes since we usually realize they were just misunderstandings and that as long as we understand each other, there is really no need for either of us to get angry with one another or over anything.

I would say that perhaps in that respect we are both greatly blessed to have found each other and to have grown old together and still be so much in love with each other. The absence of kids has not been too great a problem since we enjoy each other's company so much, and friends who pay us a visit from time to time also help to liven things up occasionally. We also never get tired of doing the same things together, such as watching movies, sometimes two or three in a row. Perhaps it has partly to do with a subconscious realization that we are also catching up on things we wanted to do but had put on the backburner till now. It is something akin to having a second lease of life, and one that is very exciting in its own right even at our age. Throughout the whole process it has gone on to cement our relationship and made our bond so much stronger and loving.

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