Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Day Out In Town

My wife and I spent another nice sunny day out in the town center as we had to run a few errands. I wanted to send a few letters to my brother and sister and had to make a trip to the post office, while we also wanted to get some more food for our emptying fridge. I also had to get a fresh pack of fertilizer as they were running out at home, and thought that perhaps I could pick up a fresh pot of flowers as well along the way. I love flowers and my garden is all the better for it since they really liven up the whole house and garden and look really pleasant. My friends who have dropped by have always complimented me on my gardening skills and how the small space actually looks so much larger, and that perhaps I could get a job as the Queen's royal gardener in England. Now wouldn't that be just amazing if I was one since I really like it as a hobby and it would be nice to get paid in pounds. But I would rather spend the rest of my life tending to my own now and having a good retirement with my lovely wife.

I have not been able to write as much in my online diary since I get bored sometimes and I am not sure if anyone might get bored reading what I do each day. Sometimes I also get so engrossed with what I am doing each day that I forget to go online and write anything but I would like to learn more about online diaries and maybe I can make some new friends on the Internet as well since that appears to be very popular nowadays. Maybe I can also find people who enjoy the same hobbies as I do and that would be a great way to meet new people who share the same interests. But I also get lazy and would prefer to just watch a dvd with my wife. Anyway, back to my trip to town, and after waiting in queue at the post office for half an hour, I finally got my letters posted and went to the gardening shop. I had to pay $49.99 for the fertilizer and was surprised how prices had risen. I thought only food seemed to be affected but looks like I could be wrong. My wife had earlier gone to the supermarket first and that was my next destination. I decided not to pick up any new flowers since the fertilizer already cost so much.

When I got to the supermarket, my wife had already done most of the shopping and it was then that I hit upon the idea of trying out our luck of having lobster pasta again tonight. It happened to be our lucky day and they still had lobsters when we got there. Our way back home was filled with talk of how we would prepare our pasta and just thinking how great a meal and delicious it would be when it was finally done. A few more hours later, we were sitting at the dinner table enjoying the lobster pasta and feeling oh so satisfied. It was our lucky day and we had a great dinner as a result.

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